Ven-Mar Sales, Inc. is your best source for professional, organizational fastener service.  

Established in 1983 , we have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience. Ven-Mar Sales, Inc. is able to provide the most value and innovation per your dollar spent. We are adept in servicing accounts that range in size from a small one man garage to municipalities with a fleet.  

Our sales representatives know what you need to keep your shop up and running, D.O.T. fittings and plow bolts included. 

We offer a full line of Bulk Chemicals that fit any need you may have, from fleet maintenance to garage deodorization. Our best selling items include diesel fuel additives that help your fleet run, truck wash and citrus cleaner. Most are available from gallons to drums, delivered to you. 

Ven-Mar Sales, Inc.s' maintenance supplies offer hand cleaner, tarps,  brooms, truck brushes all to aid you in the cleanliness of your fleet and garage areas. 

Our safety line includes gloves, ANSI clothing, first aid replenishment and complete kits, safety glasses, ear plugs and more. 

We can furnish you with Aerosols from wasp and hornet spray, to window and glass cleaner and on to vandal mark remover. 

We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the "gotta use to believe" posi-grip drill bits from our tool section. Cut off wheels, surface conditioning discs and flap wheels are readily available.  We are also a Wright Tool dealer. Wright tools have that lifetime guarantee that makes a tool the best on the market.  

Our heat shrink terminals located in our electrical section are said to be the best to be available. Ven-Mar Sales, Inc. knows that the more down time you have with these types of repairs make a difference, that is why we supply you with the best on the market. 

To help organize your shop is second nature to us.  We offer tray assortments that aid in your ordering keeping your attention where it is the most beneficial, on the job at hand.  Fastener, electrical terminal, rivet, keystock, hose clamp assortments are just an order away. 

Our sales reps are glad to help you on the way to a more organized, efficient garage. They take their cues from you, with as much or as little supervision as you desire. They are capable of replenishing your stock with minimal supervision, once they receive the "go ahead" from you. 

Our office staff is adept at handling any questions or concerns that you have. Ven-Mar Sales, Inc.  provides satisfaction guarantee for all services provided. We want to help you run efficiently, without over stocking, minimums and headaches. 

We are proud to be your "Organizational Experts" 

Vena K. Ackerman